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In April 2011 my love for dogs lead me to volunteer with a foster-based animal rescue. I was with them for 4 years and have fostered so many dogs I can’t count them all.

I decided in early 2013 to start offering my professional photography services, pro-bono, while also completing my Portrait of a Shelter Dog book, showcasing adoptable dogs from three shelters in the Palm Beach County area. I have since continued to volunteer for and offer my photography services to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and GTS Husky Rescue on a weekly to monthly basis, taking quality photographs to help get the dogs adopted into forever homes.

My main focus now, is helping as many non-profit animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries (including farm animals) as I can and fit into my schedule. I do this completely pro-bono and will never charge a penny. It is truly my pleasure, and a personal mission of mine, to help ALL animals find a safe, loving and cruelty-free environment where they can be surrounded by caring individuals and have all their needs met.

• I use professional Canon digital cameras
• There is no retouching done
• I photograph in natural light using a bounce card – I prefer NOT to use flash. It has been my experience, that flash is startling for dogs
• All photographs are downloadable and ready to use as soon as we are finished. I usually sit with the marketing director or assistant and we go through the photos and find the best ones to upload to their organization’s website
• I prefer to work with a handler and another volunteer or employee, from the shelter, rescue and sanctuary

Any non-profit, animal rescue, shelter or sanctuary that would like professional photographs of their animals (including farm animals), please feel free to contact me, either by email or phone, and we can discuss your needs. All photography is pro-bono.